Script Error in Yahoo Messenger?

If you have this problem with yahoo messenger…

  • When you open up a chat window with a buddy, you got a script error window suddenly pop ups.

Maybe like this?

  • You can't see what your buddy text message
  • You also can't see what you're typing
  • And if you press buzz, nothing happen.


  • Uninstall Yahoo Messenger. I recommend, after you uninstall it, delete Yahoo folder in C:\Programs Files* Go to Internet Explorer option.
    • Open your Internet Explorer, at Tools menu, go to Internet options.
    • In Advanced tab, click on Restore Default or Reset.
    • Exit Internet Explorer
  • Go to Start menu, Accessories, System Tools, choose Disk CleanUp
  • Check all, and then click Ok.
  • Restart your computer
  • Install again your Yahoo Messenger.
  • Everything should be fine.

If still have trouble, please let me know. :)

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